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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Is it really a good idea to continue the everlasting search for Madeleine McCann?

Once upon a time, Madeleine McCann was soundly asleep when a ferocious monster in black and white striped attire grabbed, attacked, and murdered her…Only to then bury her right next to where he found her – even Cinderella’s pumpkin morphing into a carriage sounds more convincing. Surely, anyone who has the intellect to organize a quintessential kidnapping has enough common sense not to dump the body next to the crime scene? Evidently, the senior know-it-all digging up the Portuguese resort’s land is a doubting Thomas.

The last thing that mourning mother needs is a constant reminder, it hurts to have salt rubbed onto the wound. A mother without her little one is like an iPhone without the home button; a Happy Meal without the toy; and Mississippi without a drop of water: unbearable. But then again, that’s the consequence of leaving your iPhone unattended.

More significantly, if Maddie IS found merely a short walk away from the resort, the British and Portuguese police forces would be immensely interrogated. Understatement of the century. I’m rather certain that Senhor Policier won’t be over the moon about this.

Economically, this eureka moment of the senior police has not quite earned the title of being helpful. As we all know (hopefully), the infamous crime occurred in Portugal. Seemingly, it would be the Portuguese forces’ responsibility to put in the effort for the incorruptible dream of Maddie’s recovery. Yet, we as British taxpayers are paying the price for another country’s flaws. Despite the fact that this is the procedure with most crimes involving British citizens in foreign countries; it is unjust. Or, rather colloquially, it’s shabby. By no means am I claiming it isn’t worth looking into a little girl’s life, but it should be done with diligence, strategy, and not out of our pockets - because unlike Rihanna, I won’t still have my money.

You would think that by now I’d have run out of issues to have with this case. Well, I most certainly have not. Despite this concluding problem indeed being far-fetched, I’m going to express how many miles outside the box I’m willing to think in order to eradicate the silly procedures to find a dead body we don’t even know is dead. Considering every one of you has watched the news at least once in the past ten years (quite ironically I’m making an assumption), inevitably you will have heard something about war. Anything ranging from Iraq insurgency, Taliban invasion in Afghanistan; Israel and Palestine refusing to share; and let’s not forget Russia’s ‘helpful’ visit to Ukraine. In all of these situations, children disappear, get tortured, or die. For parents to deal with such horrendous, barbaric, and sick events is not a walk in the park. Merely ten out of these millions of casualty cases are maybe considered on CNN and then vanish into thin air. It is questionable why every missing child isn’t being sensationalized and looked into – especially when many years have passed by.

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