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Sunday, 8 June 2014


Ultimately, when a guy gets drunk and tries to pick up a chick at the club he won’t notice that her eyeliner is uneven (I’d be surprised if he remembered her name!). In the course of time, when the same guy gets down on one knee, he won’t remember what colour her lipstick was when he first laid eyes on her. Nevertheless, it’s still initially appearance that draws someone in…

Having a large chest and slender thighs is deemed to be perfect for most males brought up in the 21st Century. Why do I sense a slight bit of corruption? Just a slight bit.

Nowadays, the closest a young lady will get compared to a summer’s day is being called “hot”. In fact, an Indian takeout is more what guys sound like they are describing when they blabber on about girls – spicy, sizzling, and delicious. Mind you, most of those guys are teenage drug addicts whose faces only a mother could love!  

Conversely, from a man’s point of view (if there are any real men left), women are seemingly too obsessed with makeup, hair, and clothes; they forget their natural physical charm. Ironically, men are overly obsessed with these natural physical charms such as large chests and slender thighs. Am I being sexist? Guilty. Likewise, I am being hypocritical in every way possible. I don’t remember the last time a girl has accepted any man as attractive unless they are tall, dark and handsome.

Thus, beauty is a mere allusion. It isn’t there. It is an image that has forcefully been processed in our minds causing us to perceive people as attractive. Clearly, if one did not know the definitions of ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’; they would not be able to tell the difference. To let appearance affect our opinions of people, that is the question.

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