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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Did we jump to conclusions when stating Willow Smith's behaviour is due to "poor" parenting?

Once known as the naïve, innocent, and cute actress; daughter of the infamous Will Smith and serious business woman Jada Pinkett Smith, the angelic devil has turned into a sinking ship. Primarily, this was a result of her outlandish music videos; eccentric haircuts and dyes; and arguably her “coming out of the closet” at such a young age. Nevertheless, this sort of barbarity has presently become a trend with celebrities and does not exactly alarm the every-day teen post the ice-age. She is no longer just a sinking ship after her picture in a bed with a senior guy…

Titanic is what Willow Smith has evolved into.

Recently, the somewhat failure to the Smiths had posted an eyebrow raising snap of herself in bed with Moises Arias, an actor aged 20. Now, this would have been tolerable if little Willow was at least three years older than 13! She has literally put her parents’ reputation on the line, with investigations attempting to extract a piece of evidence, anything, to make the Smith family seem less than mediocre. The controversial picture has not only sparked alight the chain of criticisms to her upbringing, but also to her common sense. Despite the fact it has not been proved or disproved that Arias and the Devil’s little helper have been involved in any sexual activity together, Willow should have had enough IQ to realise that posting an image as such would raise a cause for concern.

“Life is not fair”, we’ve all heard it before (unless you’re an antisocial introvert hiding in a shed somewhere). Seriously, though, this time it is unfair on Will and Jada. Poor mummy and daddy haven’t done anything to deserve the uncalled for actions of their daughter. Although I certainly do not have inside access to their household, and neither does anyone for that matter, it can definitely be argued that ‘atrocious’ parenting is not something connoted to the Smiths. Yes, Daddy may be too busy filming his iRobot or whatever big-hit, money magnet of a blockbuster. That doesn’t mean a thing. Zilch. Jada. Oops, I meant nada.

Jada is miles away from being like Rapunzel’s mother (even though she has pride like the Queen of Corona). From what is printed on the news, she is a successful businesswoman and essentially all her business is promoting her offspring and ensuring they have a satisfactory career, if not more. Yet, if she is willing to allow her children to consume her time 24/7, she is bound to care, nurture, and most prominently love them.

Thirteen. It is the age of transforming from a cub to lion. One way to look at this case, is to notice that Willow is just learning how to roar and cope with her fame, and has not yet quite come to terms with it. Once she has grasped the concepts of being the daughter to such a role model she will surely accentuate the real side of her parents’ parenting…

All we can now do is wait and see.

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