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Monday, 2 June 2014

Jack Wilshere: "Only English people should play for England"

Define “English People”. What makes someone English? Does it make you English if you are born in England? Does it make you English if your parents are English? A few years ago, I met someone who was rather special. When you first meet someone you ask them where they are from – kind of a formality nowadays. I asked this guy where he is from, and he replied “You tell me; my parents are Afghan, I’m born in Russia, my nationality is Dutch, but I am a British citizen”.  Therefore, the point I am trying to make is that how can one pass a law that allows only English people to play for England, if we cannot come to an agreement as to what ‘English’ actually represents. As a result, anyone who is proud to be English, and obviously qualified to play, must be allowed to play for England…

However, some people who are born in England like all their known ancestors may find it unfair that random people migrating from other countries are taking up land and jobs; especially high paid ones like being a football player. This is a completely normal and common viewpoint to have, because no one likes the idea of injustice. Nevertheless, those flying in with a flurry of immigrants aren’t randomly coming into England. In fact, 78% of immigrants help strengthen the economy by working in jobs which are not occupied and in need of labour. So is it unfair that people are helping reduce England’s deficit?

Furthermore, throughout British history Romans, Scandinavians, and many more have invaded England. This dates way back to the first century BC, and according to Professor Poore many people living in England have ancestors who aren’t originally English. Common sense is all it is. Hence, it is more difficult to define an English person than to find a needle in a haystack. Quite frankly, I couldn’t look someone in the eye and tell them they aren’t English, could you?

How can people sit comfortably at home when statements like “only English people should play for England” are being made? Isn’t that just a tad bit racist? It is definitely discriminating, whilst “English” people are not all about discriminating but about variety, multiculturalism, and colour! There are young, innocent kids who aspire to become footballers and represent the country they grow up in, I refuse to be the one to shatter dreams…hopes…lives.  Like you, I too feel horrified to witness the fact that racism is still around, even though its mild, gentle, and subtle racism.  African-English, Asian-English, European-English; it is all still English.

Now define “English”. 

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