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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is a well-known celebrity chef, and stars in many TV cooking reality shows such as Nigellisima and The Taste. Even though she has already reached the age of 54, she is constantly put through the wringer for her seemingly provocative way of presenting. Whether this is sexism or the hard truth is left for you to decide.

Considering the rollercoaster life Nigella Lawson has been enduring, it is difficult not to feel sorry for her. Nevertheless, she has resorted to certain actions which are looked down upon by her fan base as well as society as a whole.

Having had a difficult childhood may explain Nigella’s “flaws”. She did not have an amazing relationship with her mother, and her parents also divorced. Unfortunately, this caused her to be a disruptive student and made her move schools consistently. However, at a later stage, she did manage to graduate from a world respected university – Oxford (even though this did not lift her familial woes). Consequently, it is only natural for people to judge Nigella’s use of drugs.

Soon after Nigella’s husband had died, she apparently could not take the depression she suffered from it. Hence, she claimed drugs were the only solution to her problems. No, I’m not speaking of prescribed drugs; Nigella had a connection with cocaine! Surely, an Oxford graduate knows better… Many people argued that her drug use was for pleasure or addiction, and couldn’t possibly be because of her late husband. Well, who is to blame them, Nigella willingly married another man without even a year passing of her first husband’s death.

Charles Saatchi wasn’t exactly a knight in shining armour. He was found guilty of assaulting Nigella, after photographers captured him strangling her. At first, Nigella attempted to act like everything was hunky-dory, but the police knew otherwise. It quickly became apparent that their relationship had taken an unpleasant turn and the photograph was merely a small piece of the puzzle.

So far, it was only her personal life which was somewhat disastrous. Recently, Nigella’s career has been affected. The TV show, The Taste, has lost half of its viewers, leaving it with only one million viewers.

On the whole, no one’s life is a walk in the park; everyone has family problems at least once in their life. Who can blame her for simply being human?

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