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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Scottish Independence Referendum

Great Britain has always been just that – great. Just like the Union Jack has always been united; and the Armed Forces have always been powerful.

Think of all the soldiers who risked their lives to protect, conserve, and care for Great Britain. All their blood flushed down the drain, especially for the Scottish squads…If anyone really thought of these brave marines and their uphill battles then this raging referendum wouldn’t even have been mentioned, let alone brought into action.

Think of all the lovey-dovey, hunky-dory couples who were so proud of living in the United Kingdom and so themed their weddings with the union jack. The best man is wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. Gaining independence would ruin the most important day of many lovers’ lives. If anything, they would have to pay hundreds of pounds to edit the videos and cut out the blue suits. In real life it isn’t that easy, we can’t just cut out Scotland, like they’re a meaningless suit.

It’s definitely a sign that Scotland was meant to be part of our future. It is unknown to the human species what the future beholds, but visible to the naked eye is the fact that Scotland is what the future should behold.

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